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My Life as a Reader

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Well I always enjoyed reading a good book. Since childhood, my parents used to always read to me, from fairy tales to adventure book which really took me to another world. I love books and even now with all these new technologies such as a kindle, I can’t see my self using one of those devices. I love the feel of a book in hand and the turning of pages. It might sound weird but every time I turn a page it takes me to a new world in which I don’t worry about whats happening in my life but whats going on with the characters life. Although my prefer reading is the typical girl books, I love analyzing poetry and expressing my feelings towards a story. I have read tons stories that have made me laugh, tear and even feel like the author was talking about me. That is why I love reading and encourage everyone to find a genre they like or just one good book to read, it’s worth it.

A couple of my favorite books :






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