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Responce to Achebe

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Heart  of Darkness by Joseph Conrad was a difficult read I must admit, but after giving it a chance you get involved in whats happening that you just read  to see what’s going to happen with Marlow and the Famous Mr. Kurtz. even before reading Achebe’s essay, I did notice the difference between many characters in the story and how Conrad describe in a way we can visualize them. I also noticed alot  of racial remarks towards the Africans as Achebe Essay describe. After reading his essay, it had me noticed a bunch of little things I didn’t notice before. One point that did interest me  a lot was when Achebe noticed that Conrad described the cannibals language as “a violent babble of uncouth sounds”, meaning that Marlow didn’t quite understand what they were saying. But then later on Marlow ends up having a brief conversation with the cannibals, “Catch ‘im. Give ‘im to us” “What would you do with them?” Marlow asks, “eat ‘im.” If their language was a “violent babble of uncouth sounds” then how could Marlow have had a conversation with them? I never payed mind to that

A big statement the Achebe says is that Joseph Conrad was a racist. I can’t quite comment on that, although he does give good reasons on why he thinks that, I still can not agree with him. It might be true because maybe Conrad is hiding his true feelings behind Marlow’s characters but who knows? Maybe Marlow is based on another person and that person was a racist. Achebe does make a point though that heart of darkness is “the antithesis of Europe” because the image of Africa in the story is known as “the other world.” Even Though reading Achebe’s essay really got me noticing many things I didn’t quite notice before, his views are an opinion I don’t agree with 100%.

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