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The Waste Land (part II)

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During class our professor encouraged us to re-read The Waste Land, and once I heard that I was devastated, like I mentioned before I found The Waste Land sooooo boring. Although she did go over the poem and brought some light to it, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to read it again on my own free will. It’s way too long and complicated and I see no sense to it. It’s a poem that’s all over the place and has so many thing going on at once that just plays with your head. One part of the poem I did like though ( yes LIKED) was part II. A Game Of Chess. When my english professor went over the conversation part of the poem, it made more sense and I loved it that the wife is very self-centered and is making her husband miserable. Made me laugh at how she keeps talking and he just ignores her. Also on how she, like all us women love to gossip and like all men (most I guess) hate it and in the conversation the husband only says “HURRY UP PLEASE IT’S TIME.” That whole conversation was funny and I guess brought light to the poem. Although the rest of the poem was still a dread to re-read, I did enjoy reading A Game of Chess.

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