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The Waste Land

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I honestly didn’t prepare myself for this poem. Although this entry is late (sorry), I am going to pretend this is my first entry for me reading The Waste Land. Last entry I did was about me complaining about T.S. Eliot’s The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock and how much I hated it, but to be honest I prefer to read The Love Song 100 times then having to read The Waste Land ever again. It was so confusing and annoying that I just gave up and didn’t even finish it at first but then went back to it and managed to make it to the end. I didn’t quite payed attention to eat and to be honest just read it while watching tv, I had to entertain myself some way.

Where should I start? Let’s see, after the first stanza I was already bored. First the vocabulary got me confused, like when he wrote, “Bin gar keine Russin, stamm’ aus litauen, echt deutsch” (line 12), what exactly did he mean here? and then after that to me it’s all gibberish. I don’t know whats going on or who is he talking about. While reading The Game of Chess, the dialog also got me confused, I didn’t know who was who. I did understand that it was a couple’s conversation but didn’t know when the husband was speaking and when the wife was speaking. I wish T.S. Eliot would have made the dialog more readable.

After the Game of Chess and how confusing it was, I just skimmed through The First Sermon and What The Thunder Said. I didn’t give it a chance, maybe I should have but the first two were so confusing that I figured, T.S. Elliot would have probably made the rest the same boring passages as the first two dreadful reads. Hopefully I would never have to read The Waste Land again (pleeeeease).

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