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What makes Hemingway, Hemingway? When the question was first asked, to be honest I didn’t know who Hemingway was. Its ashamed since everyone in class knew who he was, I was probably the only one who never read anything by him. I did know he was a famous writer but since this class, I wasn’t really interested in old writers. To my surprise I loved The Sun Also Rises. Such as fresh read compared to all the other books I have read. I loved Hemingway’s writing, I guess that’s what makes Hemingway, Hemingway. His simplicity in writing that tells us what we need to know in short words.

Like most writers, I believe his experiences helped make this story. Not necessarily did he go through what Jake or Cohen were going threw but maybe knew someone that resembled their character. I read online that Hemingway used his experiences as well as drew them out as What If scenarios which to me is very interesting.

What I enjoyed most about The Sun Also Rises is the story line of all these men loving this one women who doesn’t really love them at all. I know its not the overall story line, but I sure enjoyed reading about Brett. My favorite scene would be when Bill asked Jake if he were ever in love with Brett and Jake replies “of and on for hell of a long time” and then after Bill sounded like he was feeling pity for Jake, JAke says ” I don’t give a damn anymore.” And yet when Brett later asks him if he still loves her, he says “yes.” Poor guy, she is that one women who he loves and yet she’s literary all over the place. She’s so shameful that after asking Jake if he still loved her, she ends up telling him she is falling for another guy, Romero. The story between Jake and Brett had me more intrigue with the book then their surroundings. At then end, we don’t know if Brett got back with Mike but I felt as if Jake let go of his obsession with Brett especially when he replied to Brett’s “Oh, Jake . . . we could have had such a damned good time together”, he just says ” isn’t it pretty to think so?” He made me feel like he gave up on her.

I really enjoyed Hemingway’s style of writing, it was more fun to read and not that confusing as the last couple of readings done for this class. Besides the love triangle that Brett had going on, I know there were more important factors in the story such as their heavy drinking and travelling, damn did they drink in this story, but that’s the thing about Hemingway, you have to read in between the lines to understand what’s going on.

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