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Islamic Revolution

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Before reading Persepolis, I  really didn’t quite know about the Islamic Revolution. I knew bits and pieces but not alot. Such an interesting read, I started to do a bit of research on why the Islamic Revolution occured. The year was 1979 when a violent overthrow of the Islamaic governemnt occured. To make it short, it happened because many Iranians didnt like that the Shah (ruler of the country) was an ally of the United States and his governemnt was not Islamic. Then the new governemnt became a republic and that when things began to change especially for women. Women were forced to an Islamic dress code in which they would be covered from head to toe and forced to wear a hijab. they also weren’t allowed to have certain professions and sex segregation occured. Women had to go to seperate school, take different buses..etc. That’s what I enjoyed of Persepolis, that we got to relate with Marji and see what she as a young girl was going through.


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