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Persepolis : Favorite Scene

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I wasn’t able to read Persepolis but did see the film. I watched it with my sister’s who are a fan of Anime films and they pretty much enjoyed it more then me. I liked it alot but not as much as they did. I have read a couple of pages from the book but enjoyed the film better. It brought more life to the book and I enjoyed the music as well. Had me laughing, and smiling at times and also sad seeing how her life at times was horrible. I loved seeing Marji in her young  rebellious stage. Reminds me of my little sister who now is a bit rebellious with fashion and religion as well. I was trying to upload the video from YouTube on my favorite scene but for some reason it doesn’t show on this blog. Hopefully I can figure it out and post it soon.

My favorite scene in the film was when Marjane asks her mother for money to buy a bootleg tape of Iron Maiden. I loved it when she said “Mom, Bee-gees suck!” lol found it really funny because that is something my little sister would say about  one of my favorite childhood group. As the film continues she is approached by two older women who call her a “slut” because she isn’t wearing her scarf.

Its incredible how these two random women feel like they have the right to judge her when they don’t even know who she is. They accuse her of wearing punk shoes which obvious are sneakers ( you can see the Nike sign) and accuse her of having a western decadence because she has a Michael Jackson button.

They were going to take her I guess to report her but Marjane, being a sneak as she is gets away from it. The film made these two women look really evil and dark, as if they had no mercy in ruining a girl’s life.

After that scene, we see Marji listening to the tape and just letting loose. She looses up her hair and just looks  mad and starts to rock out as if she don’t care about anything.

I really enjoyed this scene because it showed me Marji’s  character. She doesn’t like to follow rules but if caught she knows how to get away from it. I had many other favorite parts such as she interprets Eye of the Tiger, me and my sisters loved that scene as well, but i though this scene brought more light to Marjane’s character.

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