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The Sound and The Furry

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The Sound and The fury is another one of them books that have you going back and forth constantly. As I began reading it, I didn’t understand what was going on. It had to do something with a fence and looking for a quarter. At first I thought they were boys but then discovered they were men when one of them mentioned, “ain’t you something, thirty-three years old.” The story then introduces us to a mother and her children Versh, Caddy and Benjy. This is the point in the story that made the book come alive to me.

Benjy becomes the narrator at this point by telling us what he is seeing. He doesn’t talk but gives us his view in whats occurring at home. We don’t quite know his age at the begining but since there are many complains of his behavior and other character’s kept complaining about his moaning, I believed he was a toddler. His  mother was very protective of  him and didn’t want him to go out much because of the cold weather but her daughter insisted on taking Benjy out. Benjy seems to really enjoy Caddy’s company because he often describes how she smells, “Caddy smells like leaves.” He didn’t quite enjoy the other’s company because it is always mentioned that  he gets beaten. I figured it was the older brothers not having patience with a younger brother but to my surprise, that wasn’t the issue. The shock was when Benjy was out with Luster (not sure who he is) and he mentions that Benjy was turning thirt-three years old. This to me was never expected. I swore Benjy was a toddler. At that point I started to notice more that all the characters are basicly related either brothers or cousins and that there is something going on at home. The mother always mentions that she’s going to leave soon (meaning death) and during a dinner, the kids notice her crying. I don’t know what is going to happen, but I know the story is building up to a big event. I hope later on in the book I would get to learn more about Benjy and what exactly does he have?


After reading a few blogs I noticed that on Thursday’s class a character list was given out. That would have helped me out so much while reading these pages because all the characters mentioned at once had me confused constanly.

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