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Benjy – The Sound and The Fury

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Thanks to Tuesday’s class discussion on the book, I was able to differentiate the characters and the time setting of each passage. At first I was confused with all the past and present settings constantly changing but knowing what characters are in the present and who aren’t made it more simple. Still a very complicated read but at the end you end up loving the novel, well in my opinion. I love how William Faulkner wrote this novel, it was different and interesting, annoying at times but a fun read once you get into it. Benjy’s character is one of those characters that years may pass and yet you remember who this lost person was. I can’t help but feel compassionate towards him. No one understands him, he’s gets mistreated and honestly no one wants him around. The only person that made him happy was Caddy, but she grew up and moved on with her life and that’s what hits Benjy all the time, the fact that she’s not around makes him cry alot.

A passage that started showing Caddy beginning to change was when she turned 14.

Then I saw Caddy, with flowers in her hair, and a long veil like shining wind. Caddy Caddy .

“Hush.” T.P. said.

I couldn’t tell if I was crying or not, and T.P. fell down on top of me, laughing, and it kept on making the sound and Quentin kicked T.P. and Caddy put her arms around me, and her shining veil, and I couldn’t smell trees anymore and I began to cry.

 Benjy, Caddy said, Benjy. She put her arms around me again, but I went away.

“What is it, Benjy.” she said. “Is it this hat.” She took her hat off and came again, and I went away. 
 “Benjy.” she said. “What is it, Benjy. What has Caddy done.”
     “He don’t like that prissy dress.” Jason said. “You think you’re grown up, dont you. You think you’re better than anybody else, don’t you. Prissy.”

This was the first time ever that Benji stepped away from Caddy. He was always attached to her, following her around and looking for her, since he felt happy with her. The mentioning of her hat and “prissy dress” showed me that she wasn’t a little girl no more, she was stepping into womanhood.

What made this section of the novel stand out for me the most was when Benjy mentions “he didn’t smell trees anymore.” Through out the novel he always reffered to Caddy as smelling like trees which to me symbolised how he felt with her,  safe and secure. When that smell was gone, he knew something was changing.

I went to the bathroom door. I could hear the water. 
   I couldn’t hear the water, and Caddy opened the door.
     “Why, Benjy.” she said. She looked at me and I went and she put her arms around me. “Did you find Caddy again.” she said. “Did you think Caddy had run away.” Caddy smelled like trees.

After Caddy showered, he smelled the trees. The pureness of Caddy’s heart.  It was later mentioned that she was wearing perfume, and that is what Benjy smelled. He didn’t smell Caddy but the aroma of her new perfume. Girls at that age start to dress differently and are more conscience of their body image. Eventually Caddy gets married and leaves Benjy. It’s not mentioned if she comes visit him but Benjy does miss her  alot. Every Time he is taken to the branch or her name is mentioned, he starts moaning and crying. Its heart breaking to read that because while he is upset, the other characters tell him to hush or mistreat him, not knowing what he is going through.

Overall, all the characters in this book have a big influence on Benjy. They all treat him a certain way and had an impact on Benjy’s life. That is why he keeps recalling certain events during his childhood that not only involve Caddy but Quentin, Jason, Dilsey, Roskus, Versh, Frony, Luster, TP, his mother and father and his grandmother and uncle Maury. The story to me ended really brief, and I didn’t enjoy it but hey not everything can be perfect.

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