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If it had been cloudy…what would have happened Quentin?

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JUNE SECOND 1910 was another twisted section Faulkner had me going back and forth constantly to figure out what was going on. I loved Benjy’s character in APRIL SEVENTH 1928 but Quentin in the other hand is one complicated young man. I didn’t quite notice him in the first section but this section (second) of Sound and The Fury really brought out his true colors. I felt he wasn’t stable mentally as many of us believed when he appeared babysitting Benjy in the first section. He’s depressed, suicidal, thinks of Caddy in a wrong way and his mind is usually found between the past and present time without him realizing it.

This week’s assignment asked me to see if I find meaning to a paragraph in this section. When first read, you don’t quite understand what is going through Quentin’s mind, but through out the section, bits and pieces connect with this paragraph that I decided to break it into parts so I can further explain their meanings.

If it has been cloudy I could have looked at the window, thinking what he said about idle habbits. Thinking it would be nice for them down at New London, if the weather held up like this.

Let’s start of like this, Quentin appears to be obsessed with time. In the beginning of the chapter Quentin’s father gives him his Grandfather’s watch as a gift. Quentin’s father describes the giving of the watch as “the mausoleum of all hope and desire” (93). To me, this wasn’t only a simple watch but had meaning behind it since it was given from generation to generation, “it fitted his and his father’s” (93). Since that, Quentin became obsessed with listening to the tick of his watch until he decides to break of the hands of his watch and not know what time it is but use his senses. That’s why when Quentin mentions “if it has been cloudy I could have looked at the window”(94) to me means that its sunny out so he knows what time it is. He doesn’t want to know the time, he just wants to live life as it is without knowing. Later on I believe it has to do with his suicide, but I’ll mention that later.

Many other blogs mention that this line show Quentin’s depression and YES it does make sense. There can be many meanings to these first couple of lines since we don’t really know Quentin’s mental state.

Why shouldn’t it? The month of brides, the voice that breathed she ran right out of the mirror, out of the banked scent. Roses. Roses. Mr. and Mrs. Jason Richmond Campson announce the marriage of. Roses. Not virgins like dog wood, milk weed.

I liked Caitlin’s view of Quentin wanting to ruin Caddy’s wedding with bad weather. That never went through my mind while reading this. What did was that he didn’t want to believe that Caddy was getting married. His mother insists on knowing if he opened the invitation but he didn’t as he mentioned “It lay on the table a candle burning at each corner upon the envelope” (115). I’m not quite sure if it has to do because of jealousy towards his sister? Him being the oldest should have married already but isn’t. Its a conflicting because at times it seems its jealousy and yet also feels that he just has personally feeling towards Caddy ( incest).  

When Quentin mentions “Roses. Roses. / Not virgins like dogwood, milkweed” he is definitely mentioning Caddy’s sexuality. Instead of Caddy having a bouquet of white PURE flowers such as dogwoods or milkweeds, she is carrying roses. Again with the jealousy thought, Quentin is still a virgin and maybe he is jealous of Caddy’s early sexuality?

I said I have committed incest, Father I said Roses cunning and serene.

This is what makes Quentin character seem quite disturbing. He repeats this sentence many time through out the section as if he wants his Father to believe he committed incest.

If you attend Harvard one year, but don’t see the boat race, there should be a refund. Let Jason have it. Give Jason a year at Harvard.

One this that has been on my mind lately is that maybe Quentin acts this way and is suicidal because he doesn’t feel loved. His going to Harvard was suppose to be the pride of his family and yet they (not sure if its the mother or father) want Jason to have that opportunity. There isn’t enough money for both, because the reason how they can afford Quentin’s tuition to Harvard is by selling part of their land. What makes it worse is that his mother mentions that to Caddy’s fiance but in a way that made Quentin feel like a horrible brother, “We have sold Benjy’s pasture so that Quentin may go to Harvard, (that’s) a brother to you.” It seemed as if his mother blames Quentin for making Benjy cry  just because he wanted to go to Harvard. Other things such as his mother mentioning how Caddy’s fiance has all these things and in Quentin’s mind he is just thinking that he is a “Harvard’s boy” (114) make it seem as if he feels unappreciated. Maybe that’s the reason for his depression?

There’s a lot to learn about Quentin. He was more of a complicated character then Benjy to be honest. I noticed that Caddy is one of the main characters since she is always mentioned in these boy’s memories. I don’t really like her, because I feel she brings so much problems to the character’s emotional state and life. Hopefully one of the other sections would be on her so we can learn who she really is.  

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