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The Evil Jason

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Oh Faulkner, at least this section wasn’t as complicated as the other two but I found it too long and boring. I don’t know, maybe because I was disgusted by Jason’s character that I really didn’t care what was going on? Oh and his mother, don’t get me started withthat lady. She is just unbelievable. Well I know that there is a lot of bashing about Faulkner and how he is making us all miserable, but I got to give it to him, he does come up with some very twisted characters. In this section we discover many things that occurred within the family such as Caddy getting divorced, her daughter Quentin ends up staying with her mother (grandmother), Quentin (brother) suicides, and their Father passed away as well. I didn’t quite get a clarification of what occurred in the last two sections but did get to learn a lot about Jason.

ONCE A BITCH ALWAYS A BITCH were the first words we read coming out of Jason’s mouth. From the very begining  you get a sense of what type of a guy he is. He is a cruel human being who really has no remorse or love for anyone but himself. He is the man of the house since he is the only one left that lives with mom and takes care of things, “I never had time to go to Harvard like Quentin or drink myself into the ground like Father. I had to work.”(224) Even Though he is helping his mother, the way he talks to people and expresses himself is very cruel.

Caddy always sends money for her daughter Quentin and Jason ends up taking it and never giving it to her. Not even the letters she sends her. He’s definatly upset with Caddy because of the disgrace she gave her family. Herbert found out Quentin wasn’t his daughter and divorced her. But another reason can also be that because Herbert left Caddy, he wasn’t able to get the bank job. Now he’s just working in a supply shop.

He cares too much on what people think and is embarrassed that Quentin is embarrassing his family again, “I’ve got a position in this town, and I’m not going to have any member of my family going on like a nigger wench.” (234) She is cutting school and doing things that are unacceptable. Sort of following Caddy’s footsteps. When his mother asks him for help, he aggressively pulls on Quentin and threatens to whip her if she don’t get her act together, “You wait until I get this belt out and I’ll show you.” (229) Maybe he treats her this way because he doesn’t want her to make the same mistakes Caddy did, but still the way he approaches a situation is very aggressive, even his mother tells him “Don’t loose your temper / she’s just a child” (226).

As I mentioned in my last post, I felt that Quentin (brother) felt that he was useless to the family, not loved or wanted and in this section it made it a bit more clear. While their mother had a conversation with Jason, she mentions to Jason “You are the only one of them that isn’t a reproach to me”, she always favored Jason more then the rest of her children. That is why Quentin wanted to give Jason the opportunity to go to Harvard because him as the oldest should be the man of the house, not Jason. Quentin should have been the one working for the family so then his mother could have been proud of him. But instead it was Jason and Quentin committed suicide.

I wonder who the final chapter is about. Hope it’s Caddy, I really want to know what’s occuring in her life.

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