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The Ending of Sound and The Fury

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Well the ending wasn’t at all satisfying as I hoped it would be. After having all the other brother’s narrating their point of view, I was really hoping we would hear from Caddy. I really ended up liking her character and wanted to find out more about her, but nope Faulkner disappointed me. Instead he gave us the ending with a regular narrator and I honestly found it a bit boring. I was used to being inside these character’s heads and now its was just blah. The ending left me with tons of questions unanswered. I really wanted to know more about Caddy but that wasn’t the case since we still don’t know what is up with her life.

One thing that I found really satisfying in the end was what Ms. Quentin did to Jason. She stole his money and left. In reality she took back HER money that Caddy used give Jason for Quentin, but Jason being the ass never gave it to her. Although Ms. Quentin did run away, I really wished she would have gone back to Caddy then leave on her own with that man. But hey, it’s her life and I guess she’ll learn on her own. She has the money to survive, so her future seems alright but what about the Compson’s family? Caddy used to give them a lot of money for the care of Quentin, now that Quentin is gone and Jason has no money, how would their economic situation be?

Sound and The Fury ended as it begun with Benjy being part of it. It was a bit confusing so I didn’t quite get it but thats Faulkner for you. As I mentioned before I really did not enjoy the ending. A better ending would have been us knowing what happened to the characters such as did their mother finally died? Was Benjy sent to the institution? What is Caddy upto now? How is Ms. Quentin doin? and How is Jason holding up with no money? Really wished these questions would have been answered.

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