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Drown by Junot Diaz

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I LOVE this book. I guess I might be cheating since its my 2ND time reading this book but it’s still as enjoyable as the first. It’s edgy, different and at times very inappropriate, which I love. Junot Diaz, being the recognize writer he is, also has another best seller called The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao which I been dying to get a hold on but havent had a chance. Maybe over the winter vacation?

The reason why I loved Junot Diaz’s  writings in Drown is that they are all short stories that make you in visualize his life. Although it’s not an official autobiography, parts of the book seemed to be from his childhood. From his experiences in the campo, to his father being abusive and his brother being a slut, I have heard many true stories like that which makes me believe maybe some of it can be from personal experiences.

A couple of my guy friends who at a young age went back to their country for vacation, all reminded me of Rafa. Rafa being Yunior’s older brother in the story YSRAEL is one heck of a slut. All he talks about is all the girls he had sex with and is proud of that accomplishment, “I’m going to go crazy-chinga all my girls and then chinga everyone’s else’s.” The reason why Rafa reminds me of many of my guy friends is when Yunior mentioned that “he wore the same outfit when he went to see these girls, a shirt and pants that my father had sent him from the States.” Why you may ask? Well I guess a guy’s life is different then a girls but supposedly if you go to a foreign country and some girls from there know you come from “the States” they are more easier to get. By your outfits, they can tell you are not from there and find you more attractive. I’m not saying its 100% true but the book mentioned it, andmy friends did as well, so there might be some truth to it. That’s it why I love this book, because many of the events in this book actually has happened in real life.

One of my favorite chapters was Aurora. It was just a mixed of emotions and events that make you say wow! Aurora is his one love but not in the ideal relationship you think true love should be. His relationship with her is very abusive, but both of them seemed to enjoy that. In the section One of our nights, you can see what their relationship is based on.

 “She once tried to jam a pen in my thigh / but that was th night I punched her chest”

Both of them are abusive to each other and yet he loves her, “she picks off my glasses and kisses the parts of my face that almost never gets touched. How could anybody hurt a man with eyelashes like this.”

Aurora is described to be a drug addict who just got out of Juvie. Although his boy doesn’t recommend him to see her, he still finds this addiction towards her, “I want us to be like that again.”

One of my favorite part of the chapter is a section called Lucero.It’s a bit out there and  I don’t know if it’s based on another girl but it definitely has to do with an abortion. In my last class, I wrote a response to this section in which I believed that this section was about Aurora telling him that she had an abortion. In a later section she mentions that while in Juvie she was pregnant, “three months and I haven’t had my period.”  And that is why in Lucero to me she’s the one telling him about the baby. “I would have named it after you / you’re named after a star” she tells him, but he isn’t quite understanding what she is trying to say, “what the fuck are you talking about?” and that’s when she gives up I guess and responds to him,”I’m telling you something. Something about me. What you should be doing is listening.” When she first mentioned the “I would have named“, she definatly innituated that she no longer was pregnant and since he didn’t know what she was talking about, he didn’t know she was pregnant. Maybe he would of told her to keep it? Who knows. That’s why I enjoyed this chapter because it left you with tons of questions.

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