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Dreams From My Father – not a fan

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To be honest I came into reading Dreams From My Father very negatively. Even though it is mentioned that it’s an autobiographical book and was not used for political exposure,  that’s a lie. I knew from day one it was going to be used for political reasoning. I’m not much into politics, I should be but I find it very boring. I didn’t vote or watch anything political. I find it very boring and to be honest worthless because I believe they all lie to you just to get votes and when they win (yes I’m talking about Obama and his “change”) they don’t do crap. That is why once I found out we were going to read Obama’s Dream From My Father I was very disappointed in the choice of reading.

One thing that did interest me during the reading, YES there was one aspect from the first 8 chapters that had me entertained was his relationship with race. It was a very awkward relationship since he didn’t feel comfortable with being half black and half white. It had to do alot with his environment since he went to school on Hawaii and he was the only black kid in his class, no one quite understood what he was going through. Then when there were more black kids in his school, he couldn’t identify with them. His race issues were a big part of this section and even though he was young, it still followed him through his adulthood, “I was trying to raise myself to be a black man in America, and beyond the given of my appearance, no one around me seemed to know exactly what that meant.”(58)

Overall, I really wished I didn’t spend $ on this book, not my type of reading :(.

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