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Final Blog – Bye Bye

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I never really thought what I was going to write for my final blog. I knew that time was ticking and as usual I have waited for the last minute to write it. I don’t have a particular order in which I’m writing this final blog but I am going to start from the very beginning. As a transfer student from QueensBorough Community College, I was very lost in what steps I needed to take to register. My major was Early Childhood Education and to my surprise I needed to choose a co-major. I was never told before transferring that a co-major was needed for my Education degree so I was confused. To top it off, I needed to choose a co-major right there and then. It was hard to choose what my 2nd major would be since it took me a while deciding Education as my major a couple of years ago. Since it was the last day for registering ( yes that’s me again waiting for the last minute ) I decided to chose English since I have a huge library in my room and can also become an English teacher in the future.

I was a bit hesitant for this English Class 255 since it’s class description is scary: A historical study of the diversity of modern and contemporary Anglophone literature. Modern writing translated into English encompassing the complex transnational and post colonial nature of much modern writing in English. Honestly, do you understand what this class could be about? I didn’t know and was preparing myself for a very boring class. To my surprise, the class was not boring at all. It was very different which I loved! The liberty we had in using a blog and being able to express ourselves was very liberating for me. I had another English class in which I was very excited about but it turned out to be a bore. Unlike this class, we had to write papers constantly on why a specific story/poem were meaningful. I didn’t like that we weren’t able to express our opinions in the readings which is why I enjoyed English 255 because even if we hated the reading or loved it, if we explained our opinion, we received a good grade.

One thing that didn’t work for me in this class were some of the readings. I honestly enjoyed the 2nd half of the semester more then the beginning because of the books being used. As I have noticed, during the first half of the semester I only wrote 2,400 words on my blog and in the final half of the semester I wrote a whooping 7,500 words. Now that’s a big difference. 

The readings that killed it for me at the beginning the class were T.S. Elliot’s The Love Songand The Waste Land. Till this day I still hate T.S. Elliot. He is one of those writers that you will have your head spinning trying to figure out where is he going with this. I was so glad that after T.S. Elliot’s, Hemingway came to the rescue. Not one of my favorites (Yes, I know it’s Hemingway but I can’t force myself to love him) but a passable one. Now, the second half of the semester had so many of my favorites reads. From all the readings I have to say that my two favorites were William Faulkner’s The Sound and The Furyand of course Junot Diaz’s Drown. Two very different types of literature (vintage vs modern) but what great reads. Many people in the class hated The Sound and The Furybut I was one of the few that enjoyed Faulkner’s way of writing, especially his way of thinking. Wish the ending didn’t keep me with many unanswered questions though. Now, Junot Diaz’s everyone enjoyed. His style was different and the way he wrote Drown was just amazing. 2nd time I read this book and still loved it.

In my opinion English 255 should stay as being Global Literature in English. As the definition states : contemporary writing from the many cultures of the world. Selections include literature ascribed to various religious, ideological and ethnic groups within or across geographical boundaries. Being able to read from different writers such as Maxine Hong Kingston and Junot Diaz gave us the opportunity to see different cultures and how many grew up with different beliefs then what we grew up with. We even read about Barack Obama’s life, which gave me an insight of who our President is. English 255 can also become 20th Century Canon but that would not  make the class as open minded in readings  as the Global Literature class. The fact that we would only have to read from a list of books someone else picked is not fair. What if we don’t have the same taste in literature as the people who made the list? I prefer the more open-minded way then just following a standard list.

Ones suggestion that I would have loved to experience during this class is the ability to read a book that I chose. Since the classwork was all based on our blogs, the opportunity to choose a book and write about it would have been fun.  We would be able to expand our reading selection and if we liked what the others were writing  about in their blogs , maybe we would want to read their book choice as well. Maybe as a last reading for the class? It would have been fun 🙂

Overall, English 255 was a fun class. Very unique and entertaining. It introduced me to many new authors that I have never heard about and great readings from authors I have come across with before. Some of the selections of the readings were typical for an English class, but the opportunity of reading from different writers such as Junot Diaz and Marjane Satrapi made this class extra special. Why can’t other English classes be as open-minded with new literature then just keeping it to the classics? For a reason I know they are classics but still, it gets a bit boring having to only read old works of literature. Hopefully that’ll change soon 🙂

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