November 10th, 2010

The Ending of Sound and The Fury

Well the ending wasn’t at all satisfying as I hoped it would be. After having all the other brother’s narrating their point of view, I was really hoping we would hear from Caddy. I really ended up liking her character and wanted to find out more about her, but nope Faulkner disappointed me. Instead he gave us the ending with a regular narrator and I honestly found it a bit boring. I was used to being inside these character’s heads and now its was just blah. The ending left me with tons of questions unanswered. I really wanted to know more about Caddy but that wasn’t the case since we still don’t know what is up with her life.

One thing that I found really satisfying in the end was what Ms. Quentin did to Jason. She stole his money and left. In reality she took back HER money that Caddy used give Jason for Quentin, but Jason being the ass never gave it to her. Although Ms. Quentin did run away, I really wished she would have gone back to Caddy then leave on her own with that man. But hey, it’s her life and I guess she’ll learn on her own. She has the money to survive, so her future seems alright but what about the Compson’s family? Caddy used to give them a lot of money for the care of Quentin, now that Quentin is gone and Jason has no money, how would their economic situation be?

Sound and The Fury ended as it begun with Benjy being part of it. It was a bit confusing so I didn’t quite get it but thats Faulkner for you. As I mentioned before I really did not enjoy the ending. A better ending would have been us knowing what happened to the characters such as did their mother finally died? Was Benjy sent to the institution? What is Caddy upto now? How is Ms. Quentin doin? and How is Jason holding up with no money? Really wished these questions would have been answered.

November 3rd, 2010

The Evil Jason

Oh Faulkner, at least this section wasn’t as complicated as the other two but I found it too long and boring. I don’t know, maybe because I was disgusted by Jason’s character that I really didn’t care what was going on? Oh and his mother, don’t get me started withthat lady. She is just unbelievable. Well I know that there is a lot of bashing about Faulkner and how he is making us all miserable, but I got to give it to him, he does come up with some very twisted characters. In this section we discover many things that occurred within the family such as Caddy getting divorced, her daughter Quentin ends up staying with her mother (grandmother), Quentin (brother) suicides, and their Father passed away as well. I didn’t quite get a clarification of what occurred in the last two sections but did get to learn a lot about Jason.

ONCE A BITCH ALWAYS A BITCH were the first words we read coming out of Jason’s mouth. From the very begining  you get a sense of what type of a guy he is. He is a cruel human being who really has no remorse or love for anyone but himself. He is the man of the house since he is the only one left that lives with mom and takes care of things, “I never had time to go to Harvard like Quentin or drink myself into the ground like Father. I had to work.”(224) Even Though he is helping his mother, the way he talks to people and expresses himself is very cruel.

Caddy always sends money for her daughter Quentin and Jason ends up taking it and never giving it to her. Not even the letters she sends her. He’s definatly upset with Caddy because of the disgrace she gave her family. Herbert found out Quentin wasn’t his daughter and divorced her. But another reason can also be that because Herbert left Caddy, he wasn’t able to get the bank job. Now he’s just working in a supply shop.

He cares too much on what people think and is embarrassed that Quentin is embarrassing his family again, “I’ve got a position in this town, and I’m not going to have any member of my family going on like a nigger wench.” (234) She is cutting school and doing things that are unacceptable. Sort of following Caddy’s footsteps. When his mother asks him for help, he aggressively pulls on Quentin and threatens to whip her if she don’t get her act together, “You wait until I get this belt out and I’ll show you.” (229) Maybe he treats her this way because he doesn’t want her to make the same mistakes Caddy did, but still the way he approaches a situation is very aggressive, even his mother tells him “Don’t loose your temper / she’s just a child” (226).

As I mentioned in my last post, I felt that Quentin (brother) felt that he was useless to the family, not loved or wanted and in this section it made it a bit more clear. While their mother had a conversation with Jason, she mentions to Jason “You are the only one of them that isn’t a reproach to me”, she always favored Jason more then the rest of her children. That is why Quentin wanted to give Jason the opportunity to go to Harvard because him as the oldest should be the man of the house, not Jason. Quentin should have been the one working for the family so then his mother could have been proud of him. But instead it was Jason and Quentin committed suicide.

I wonder who the final chapter is about. Hope it’s Caddy, I really want to know what’s occuring in her life.

November 3rd, 2010

If it had been cloudy…what would have happened Quentin?

JUNE SECOND 1910 was another twisted section Faulkner had me going back and forth constantly to figure out what was going on. I loved Benjy’s character in APRIL SEVENTH 1928 but Quentin in the other hand is one complicated young man. I didn’t quite notice him in the first section but this section (second) of Sound and The Fury really brought out his true colors. I felt he wasn’t stable mentally as many of us believed when he appeared babysitting Benjy in the first section. He’s depressed, suicidal, thinks of Caddy in a wrong way and his mind is usually found between the past and present time without him realizing it.

This week’s assignment asked me to see if I find meaning to a paragraph in this section. When first read, you don’t quite understand what is going through Quentin’s mind, but through out the section, bits and pieces connect with this paragraph that I decided to break it into parts so I can further explain their meanings.

If it has been cloudy I could have looked at the window, thinking what he said about idle habbits. Thinking it would be nice for them down at New London, if the weather held up like this.

Let’s start of like this, Quentin appears to be obsessed with time. In the beginning of the chapter Quentin’s father gives him his Grandfather’s watch as a gift. Quentin’s father describes the giving of the watch as “the mausoleum of all hope and desire” (93). To me, this wasn’t only a simple watch but had meaning behind it since it was given from generation to generation, “it fitted his and his father’s” (93). Since that, Quentin became obsessed with listening to the tick of his watch until he decides to break of the hands of his watch and not know what time it is but use his senses. That’s why when Quentin mentions “if it has been cloudy I could have looked at the window”(94) to me means that its sunny out so he knows what time it is. He doesn’t want to know the time, he just wants to live life as it is without knowing. Later on I believe it has to do with his suicide, but I’ll mention that later.

Many other blogs mention that this line show Quentin’s depression and YES it does make sense. There can be many meanings to these first couple of lines since we don’t really know Quentin’s mental state.

Why shouldn’t it? The month of brides, the voice that breathed she ran right out of the mirror, out of the banked scent. Roses. Roses. Mr. and Mrs. Jason Richmond Campson announce the marriage of. Roses. Not virgins like dog wood, milk weed.

I liked Caitlin’s view of Quentin wanting to ruin Caddy’s wedding with bad weather. That never went through my mind while reading this. What did was that he didn’t want to believe that Caddy was getting married. His mother insists on knowing if he opened the invitation but he didn’t as he mentioned “It lay on the table a candle burning at each corner upon the envelope” (115). I’m not quite sure if it has to do because of jealousy towards his sister? Him being the oldest should have married already but isn’t. Its a conflicting because at times it seems its jealousy and yet also feels that he just has personally feeling towards Caddy ( incest).  

When Quentin mentions “Roses. Roses. / Not virgins like dogwood, milkweed” he is definitely mentioning Caddy’s sexuality. Instead of Caddy having a bouquet of white PURE flowers such as dogwoods or milkweeds, she is carrying roses. Again with the jealousy thought, Quentin is still a virgin and maybe he is jealous of Caddy’s early sexuality?

I said I have committed incest, Father I said Roses cunning and serene.

This is what makes Quentin character seem quite disturbing. He repeats this sentence many time through out the section as if he wants his Father to believe he committed incest.

If you attend Harvard one year, but don’t see the boat race, there should be a refund. Let Jason have it. Give Jason a year at Harvard.

One this that has been on my mind lately is that maybe Quentin acts this way and is suicidal because he doesn’t feel loved. His going to Harvard was suppose to be the pride of his family and yet they (not sure if its the mother or father) want Jason to have that opportunity. There isn’t enough money for both, because the reason how they can afford Quentin’s tuition to Harvard is by selling part of their land. What makes it worse is that his mother mentions that to Caddy’s fiance but in a way that made Quentin feel like a horrible brother, “We have sold Benjy’s pasture so that Quentin may go to Harvard, (that’s) a brother to you.” It seemed as if his mother blames Quentin for making Benjy cry  just because he wanted to go to Harvard. Other things such as his mother mentioning how Caddy’s fiance has all these things and in Quentin’s mind he is just thinking that he is a “Harvard’s boy” (114) make it seem as if he feels unappreciated. Maybe that’s the reason for his depression?

There’s a lot to learn about Quentin. He was more of a complicated character then Benjy to be honest. I noticed that Caddy is one of the main characters since she is always mentioned in these boy’s memories. I don’t really like her, because I feel she brings so much problems to the character’s emotional state and life. Hopefully one of the other sections would be on her so we can learn who she really is.  

October 28th, 2010

Benjy – The Sound and The Fury

Thanks to Tuesday’s class discussion on the book, I was able to differentiate the characters and the time setting of each passage. At first I was confused with all the past and present settings constantly changing but knowing what characters are in the present and who aren’t made it more simple. Still a very complicated read but at the end you end up loving the novel, well in my opinion. I love how William Faulkner wrote this novel, it was different and interesting, annoying at times but a fun read once you get into it. Benjy’s character is one of those characters that years may pass and yet you remember who this lost person was. I can’t help but feel compassionate towards him. No one understands him, he’s gets mistreated and honestly no one wants him around. The only person that made him happy was Caddy, but she grew up and moved on with her life and that’s what hits Benjy all the time, the fact that she’s not around makes him cry alot.

A passage that started showing Caddy beginning to change was when she turned 14.

Then I saw Caddy, with flowers in her hair, and a long veil like shining wind. Caddy Caddy .

“Hush.” T.P. said.

I couldn’t tell if I was crying or not, and T.P. fell down on top of me, laughing, and it kept on making the sound and Quentin kicked T.P. and Caddy put her arms around me, and her shining veil, and I couldn’t smell trees anymore and I began to cry.

 Benjy, Caddy said, Benjy. She put her arms around me again, but I went away.

“What is it, Benjy.” she said. “Is it this hat.” She took her hat off and came again, and I went away. 
 “Benjy.” she said. “What is it, Benjy. What has Caddy done.”
     “He don’t like that prissy dress.” Jason said. “You think you’re grown up, dont you. You think you’re better than anybody else, don’t you. Prissy.”

This was the first time ever that Benji stepped away from Caddy. He was always attached to her, following her around and looking for her, since he felt happy with her. The mentioning of her hat and “prissy dress” showed me that she wasn’t a little girl no more, she was stepping into womanhood.

What made this section of the novel stand out for me the most was when Benjy mentions “he didn’t smell trees anymore.” Through out the novel he always reffered to Caddy as smelling like trees which to me symbolised how he felt with her,  safe and secure. When that smell was gone, he knew something was changing.

I went to the bathroom door. I could hear the water. 
   I couldn’t hear the water, and Caddy opened the door.
     “Why, Benjy.” she said. She looked at me and I went and she put her arms around me. “Did you find Caddy again.” she said. “Did you think Caddy had run away.” Caddy smelled like trees.

After Caddy showered, he smelled the trees. The pureness of Caddy’s heart.  It was later mentioned that she was wearing perfume, and that is what Benjy smelled. He didn’t smell Caddy but the aroma of her new perfume. Girls at that age start to dress differently and are more conscience of their body image. Eventually Caddy gets married and leaves Benjy. It’s not mentioned if she comes visit him but Benjy does miss her  alot. Every Time he is taken to the branch or her name is mentioned, he starts moaning and crying. Its heart breaking to read that because while he is upset, the other characters tell him to hush or mistreat him, not knowing what he is going through.

Overall, all the characters in this book have a big influence on Benjy. They all treat him a certain way and had an impact on Benjy’s life. That is why he keeps recalling certain events during his childhood that not only involve Caddy but Quentin, Jason, Dilsey, Roskus, Versh, Frony, Luster, TP, his mother and father and his grandmother and uncle Maury. The story to me ended really brief, and I didn’t enjoy it but hey not everything can be perfect.

October 25th, 2010

The Sound and The Furry

The Sound and The fury is another one of them books that have you going back and forth constantly. As I began reading it, I didn’t understand what was going on. It had to do something with a fence and looking for a quarter. At first I thought they were boys but then discovered they were men when one of them mentioned, “ain’t you something, thirty-three years old.” The story then introduces us to a mother and her children Versh, Caddy and Benjy. This is the point in the story that made the book come alive to me.

Benjy becomes the narrator at this point by telling us what he is seeing. He doesn’t talk but gives us his view in whats occurring at home. We don’t quite know his age at the begining but since there are many complains of his behavior and other character’s kept complaining about his moaning, I believed he was a toddler. His  mother was very protective of  him and didn’t want him to go out much because of the cold weather but her daughter insisted on taking Benjy out. Benjy seems to really enjoy Caddy’s company because he often describes how she smells, “Caddy smells like leaves.” He didn’t quite enjoy the other’s company because it is always mentioned that  he gets beaten. I figured it was the older brothers not having patience with a younger brother but to my surprise, that wasn’t the issue. The shock was when Benjy was out with Luster (not sure who he is) and he mentions that Benjy was turning thirt-three years old. This to me was never expected. I swore Benjy was a toddler. At that point I started to notice more that all the characters are basicly related either brothers or cousins and that there is something going on at home. The mother always mentions that she’s going to leave soon (meaning death) and during a dinner, the kids notice her crying. I don’t know what is going to happen, but I know the story is building up to a big event. I hope later on in the book I would get to learn more about Benjy and what exactly does he have?


After reading a few blogs I noticed that on Thursday’s class a character list was given out. That would have helped me out so much while reading these pages because all the characters mentioned at once had me confused constanly.

October 24th, 2010

Persepolis : Favorite Scene

I wasn’t able to read Persepolis but did see the film. I watched it with my sister’s who are a fan of Anime films and they pretty much enjoyed it more then me. I liked it alot but not as much as they did. I have read a couple of pages from the book but enjoyed the film better. It brought more life to the book and I enjoyed the music as well. Had me laughing, and smiling at times and also sad seeing how her life at times was horrible. I loved seeing Marji in her young  rebellious stage. Reminds me of my little sister who now is a bit rebellious with fashion and religion as well. I was trying to upload the video from YouTube on my favorite scene but for some reason it doesn’t show on this blog. Hopefully I can figure it out and post it soon.

My favorite scene in the film was when Marjane asks her mother for money to buy a bootleg tape of Iron Maiden. I loved it when she said “Mom, Bee-gees suck!” lol found it really funny because that is something my little sister would say about  one of my favorite childhood group. As the film continues she is approached by two older women who call her a “slut” because she isn’t wearing her scarf.

Its incredible how these two random women feel like they have the right to judge her when they don’t even know who she is. They accuse her of wearing punk shoes which obvious are sneakers ( you can see the Nike sign) and accuse her of having a western decadence because she has a Michael Jackson button.

They were going to take her I guess to report her but Marjane, being a sneak as she is gets away from it. The film made these two women look really evil and dark, as if they had no mercy in ruining a girl’s life.

After that scene, we see Marji listening to the tape and just letting loose. She looses up her hair and just looks  mad and starts to rock out as if she don’t care about anything.

I really enjoyed this scene because it showed me Marji’s  character. She doesn’t like to follow rules but if caught she knows how to get away from it. I had many other favorite parts such as she interprets Eye of the Tiger, me and my sisters loved that scene as well, but i though this scene brought more light to Marjane’s character.

October 24th, 2010

Islamic Revolution

Before reading Persepolis, I  really didn’t quite know about the Islamic Revolution. I knew bits and pieces but not alot. Such an interesting read, I started to do a bit of research on why the Islamic Revolution occured. The year was 1979 when a violent overthrow of the Islamaic governemnt occured. To make it short, it happened because many Iranians didnt like that the Shah (ruler of the country) was an ally of the United States and his governemnt was not Islamic. Then the new governemnt became a republic and that when things began to change especially for women. Women were forced to an Islamic dress code in which they would be covered from head to toe and forced to wear a hijab. they also weren’t allowed to have certain professions and sex segregation occured. Women had to go to seperate school, take different buses..etc. That’s what I enjoyed of Persepolis, that we got to relate with Marji and see what she as a young girl was going through.


October 18th, 2010


What makes Hemingway, Hemingway? When the question was first asked, to be honest I didn’t know who Hemingway was. Its ashamed since everyone in class knew who he was, I was probably the only one who never read anything by him. I did know he was a famous writer but since this class, I wasn’t really interested in old writers. To my surprise I loved The Sun Also Rises. Such as fresh read compared to all the other books I have read. I loved Hemingway’s writing, I guess that’s what makes Hemingway, Hemingway. His simplicity in writing that tells us what we need to know in short words.

Like most writers, I believe his experiences helped make this story. Not necessarily did he go through what Jake or Cohen were going threw but maybe knew someone that resembled their character. I read online that Hemingway used his experiences as well as drew them out as What If scenarios which to me is very interesting.

What I enjoyed most about The Sun Also Rises is the story line of all these men loving this one women who doesn’t really love them at all. I know its not the overall story line, but I sure enjoyed reading about Brett. My favorite scene would be when Bill asked Jake if he were ever in love with Brett and Jake replies “of and on for hell of a long time” and then after Bill sounded like he was feeling pity for Jake, JAke says ” I don’t give a damn anymore.” And yet when Brett later asks him if he still loves her, he says “yes.” Poor guy, she is that one women who he loves and yet she’s literary all over the place. She’s so shameful that after asking Jake if he still loved her, she ends up telling him she is falling for another guy, Romero. The story between Jake and Brett had me more intrigue with the book then their surroundings. At then end, we don’t know if Brett got back with Mike but I felt as if Jake let go of his obsession with Brett especially when he replied to Brett’s “Oh, Jake . . . we could have had such a damned good time together”, he just says ” isn’t it pretty to think so?” He made me feel like he gave up on her.

I really enjoyed Hemingway’s style of writing, it was more fun to read and not that confusing as the last couple of readings done for this class. Besides the love triangle that Brett had going on, I know there were more important factors in the story such as their heavy drinking and travelling, damn did they drink in this story, but that’s the thing about Hemingway, you have to read in between the lines to understand what’s going on.

October 4th, 2010

The Waste Land (part II)

During class our professor encouraged us to re-read The Waste Land, and once I heard that I was devastated, like I mentioned before I found The Waste Land sooooo boring. Although she did go over the poem and brought some light to it, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to read it again on my own free will. It’s way too long and complicated and I see no sense to it. It’s a poem that’s all over the place and has so many thing going on at once that just plays with your head. One part of the poem I did like though ( yes LIKED) was part II. A Game Of Chess. When my english professor went over the conversation part of the poem, it made more sense and I loved it that the wife is very self-centered and is making her husband miserable. Made me laugh at how she keeps talking and he just ignores her. Also on how she, like all us women love to gossip and like all men (most I guess) hate it and in the conversation the husband only says “HURRY UP PLEASE IT’S TIME.” That whole conversation was funny and I guess brought light to the poem. Although the rest of the poem was still a dread to re-read, I did enjoy reading A Game of Chess.

October 4th, 2010

The Waste Land

I honestly didn’t prepare myself for this poem. Although this entry is late (sorry), I am going to pretend this is my first entry for me reading The Waste Land. Last entry I did was about me complaining about T.S. Eliot’s The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock and how much I hated it, but to be honest I prefer to read The Love Song 100 times then having to read The Waste Land ever again. It was so confusing and annoying that I just gave up and didn’t even finish it at first but then went back to it and managed to make it to the end. I didn’t quite payed attention to eat and to be honest just read it while watching tv, I had to entertain myself some way.

Where should I start? Let’s see, after the first stanza I was already bored. First the vocabulary got me confused, like when he wrote, “Bin gar keine Russin, stamm’ aus litauen, echt deutsch” (line 12), what exactly did he mean here? and then after that to me it’s all gibberish. I don’t know whats going on or who is he talking about. While reading The Game of Chess, the dialog also got me confused, I didn’t know who was who. I did understand that it was a couple’s conversation but didn’t know when the husband was speaking and when the wife was speaking. I wish T.S. Eliot would have made the dialog more readable.

After the Game of Chess and how confusing it was, I just skimmed through The First Sermon and What The Thunder Said. I didn’t give it a chance, maybe I should have but the first two were so confusing that I figured, T.S. Elliot would have probably made the rest the same boring passages as the first two dreadful reads. Hopefully I would never have to read The Waste Land again (pleeeeease).

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